Fun Size

After sitting in front of my computer screen for the better part of an hour, I finally hit the send button and emailed a flash fiction story off to a writing contest.

And let me tell you, hitting that send button was next to impossible. I thought I had edited and revised my 650-word story until it was down to almost its bare bones. Then right before sending it off, I noticed everything. Glaring errors. Too many adverbs. Not enough description. Too much description. Passive voice. Changes in tense.


In a few short minutes, I did one last revision…then one more, and then one final last revision, and sent it off.


I’ve kept this story close, not letting anyone help critique it. I’m painfully shy when it comes to creative writing, and this is the first attempt that I’ve submitted somewhere since HIGH SCHOOL. As in, fifteen years ago. (I’ve written plenty of articles, news pieces, blog posts, sing-songy poems, journal entries, critiques, reviews, essays, but absolutely no creative pieces. I can’t believe it.)

Depending on the results of the contest, I may or may not post the story here at some point. Right now, I’ll just post the sentence that appeared in my daily journal writing that inspired the story:

“Despite the blackened windows and lack of glowing porch light, we plowed ahead, safety in numbers and greedy for one more handful of fun-size candy.”

(PS – Personal Blogs tend to be vain in nature, and I am fully aware that this tends to lean that way. While I love to brag once I’ve accomplished something, getting to that point is painstakingly difficult for me…I tend to just talk and talk and talk about it, rather than DO IT. These posts help keep my momentum going and hold me accountable to all the Big Talk I talk about writing. Thanks for reading, my cherished three readers {haha, just kidding, not really}, even if you do roll your eyes!)



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