Monday Musings: Feeling Blue and Painting Purple


This week our family received some tragic news involving the sudden loss of an extended family member. While I wasn’t close with this person, the impact struck me hard and put me in a significant funk. The fragility of life, the fear of lurking ailments striking at a moment’s notice, the constant imagining a young daughter going through life without a mother…there is no happy ending to stories like that.

This funk felt selfish. I’m an indirect party to this and to be sullen seems unfair. Snap out of it, woman, I told myself. Get to a better spot and realize that loss brings a new sense of purpose, to remember to cherish every moment, make the most of the day, and love freely.

If there’s one way to change my state of mind, it’s to surround myself with favorite people or create something. I usually have time to do one or the other, but what would happen if I did BOTH at the same time?

Mind blowing.

I’ve had an idea mulling in the back of my mind for a while, and now seems like the perfect time to move this idea to the front.

So, calling all friends: I want to start a creative group. Maybe somewhere between a book club and an art class. Very informal. Probably involve wine. In my head it goes like this: We meet somewhere sunny (like my living room), and work on an art project.

For example, today I worked on a project from one of the Art Lab books: Take 15 minutes and 5-8 small pieces of water color paper, and create as many still life paintings from the same object as possible. The point is to not work on just one at a time, but let it flow. A little dab of paint here, a touch up there, a quick sketch here, back to the dab of paint, etc.

I chose an overgrown purple onion. My outcome looks amateur but I am SO HAPPY with it, because I made something (soon I’ll have made so much that I won’t be patting myself on the back every time, right?). I even glued a couple into my sketch book.

Is anyone with me!? Want to come over one morning and paint? You don’t even have to be experienced. (I’m certainly not.)

We can still have wine in the morning, right?


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