Shut the Door

Fact: I studied french from age 13-22.

Fact: I spent one summer in Paris, when I was in college.

Fact: I speak French fluently.

One of the three facts is a lie. A horrible, depressing lie.

Hint: It’s the last one.

It’s difficult to stay on top of a foreign language, especially living in Southwest Missouri. And to be fair, I haven’t really even tried. But thank you, DuoLingo, for revitalizing my love of speaking and learning French! Now I go around the house saying simple phrases such as:

Le café est fort.

J’aime mon café fort.

Elles boivent du café. 

(I really like coffee…ahem…j’aime beaucoup le café.)

Maybe by the end of the year, I can be back to conjugating verbs in the subjunctive and dreaming completement en français

I doubt it. But it’s a fun goal!


One thought on “Shut the Door

  1. sarahkerner says:

    I might have to check that out — I took years and years of Spanish and did study abroad for a YEAR, and I’m not sure I could speak a single sentence.

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