Monday Musings: Middle Readers

There are some things from childhood that should remain as pure nostalgia, never to be watched or read again as an adult, ESPECIALLY with someone who has never before experienced it. I’m looking at you, THE LOST BOYS.


There are some things that are meant to be dug out from the storage box and shared with a new generation. Like my glittery red devil costume that my mom made when I was in pre-school. Or a collection of folktale ghost stories with silly illustrations.


And then there are some things that need to be re-visited, because time has erased all memory of the content, and only left a vague idea of what it was, like the book JACOB HAVE I LOVED.


This book was assigned to me in English class as a 7th grader. I can’t remember the plot, except that it was about twins, and that I HATED it. But why? As an adult, I gave it 2 stars when I added it to my GoodReads account, but is that really fair? I’m basing that off of a 13-year-old’s standard. So I thought I’d give it a shot, along with some of the other books I was “forced” to read in elementary and junior high but now can’t remember anything about them. Some of which will be:

Do you have any memories of books you either loved or hated, but can’t remember specifically why, and would be worth re-reading again as an adult? Typically I’m against re-reading because there are only so many books I can read in my lifetime, and I would hate wasting one on a re-read, but with kid lit, I’ll make an exception.

(Browsing through Amazon is a dangerous rabbit hole…I now want to re-read EVERY book I ever read as a child…luckily I can probably read along with my kiddos when it’s their turn at these classics.)

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