Happy New Year!

The holidays behind us, a cold winter ahead; I feel a change coming, just ’round the bend.

I have more energy now than ever before; I thank my sleeping children, and that peaceful slumbering snore.

This is the year in which I will CREATE; books, clothes, and art is my fate.

I’ll catch up on reading, writing, and pop culture; I’ll swoop down on new films like a big, hungry vulture.

Dates out with the husband, just him and me; why does our sitter have to charge a fee?

Healthy decisions and living the simple life; those are two of my goals as a mother and wife.

My family keeps me grinning from ear-to-ear; I hope only WONDER arrives for you this new year.

(I’m sorry this post is so sing-songy and silly; I spend so much time reading kids’ books at the library.)




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