30-Day Challenge: Going Vegetarian

It’s been a few months since my last 30-day challenge, but after this whole ‘arsenic in our rice’ issue, and toying with the idea for the past year, I think I’m going to do it. I’m going…duhn dun dun…vegetarian.

I keep saying, “oh, if I’m going to go vegetarian, I need to plan ahead because I have kids to be concerned for, and I want to make sure they get enough protein, etc.”

But that’s a ridiculous argument, because if I’m being concerned for my children, then the FIRST thing I should do is cut out meat in their diets. Most of the meat that’s available for us to purchase is factory-farmed, which means a horrible environmental impact as well as lots of crap put into the animals (literally, they’re probably eating their own feces half the time). Plus, these days, with sites like Pinterest, all I have to do is type in “meatless meals” and I’ll probably have 75 days worth of recipes planned.


This is going to be hard. I love chicken. I love steak. And I also love eggs, butter, cheese, and milk. While I’m not going to attempt the full vegan route, I am going to be extremely conscientious on how I use animal products in our meals.

My one exception: if I’m invited out and someone else is providing a meal for me, I will not turn down meat. Because what kind of guest would that make me?

This one is going to be tough. Maybe harder than the “Don’t Shop at Target” or “Don’t Make a Pie” month. I’m promising myself in November, my challenge will be something FUN and positive, not taking away.

Wait, I’m looking at this the wrong way. By taking away meat from my life, I’m adding something extra to the environment and animals. Right? Yeah. That’ll help get me through this.



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