Hello Beautiful

Some Monday Musings…

  • FALL IS HERE! Crisp air, apple cider (both alcoholic and non), changing colors, new boots (maybe…), cardigans and scarves, pumpkins pumpkins everywhere, pie, pie, and more pie, costumes, fire places, and chilly mornings. Swoon. I look forward to this moment as soon as the temperature drops below 60 degrees and rises above 75.
  • This past weekend our former business, The Moxie, celebrated its SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY. I seriously cannot believe it has been seven years since it opened its doors. The first movie was “Me and You and Everyone We Know,” and we made the mistake of showing four screenings a day for the first month. The 14-hour days were worth it, though, and the love and support from our community is still overwhelming. It’s been slightly over two years since we sold the business, and I continue to get all gushy inside when I hear things like that Dan and I were the answer to a trivia question at one of the local bar’s trivia night contests. Awwwww. I miss it *so* much sometimes it hurts.
  • Despite my utter exhaustion, I stayed up late to watch Saturday Night Live this week. Should have fallen asleep instead. Sorry JGL and Mumford & Sons.
  • I love…cake.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


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