Caviar Dreams

One day, maybe I’ll be the kind of person that sees a pair of $350 boots and thinks, oh hey, no big whoop. I’ll get ’em!

And when we budget for our next home remodel, we won’t have to think, hmmm, our Home Depot credit card has this limit, so this is where we have to shop for all our supplies, and this is how much we can spend. Instead, I’ll say, Oh Hi Restoration Hardware! $400 for a swivel mirror? Tile that’s $17 a square foot? It’s a fit!

But until then, I’ll keep wearing my 2nd-hand patent leather loafers and my $7 Old Navy tees. And visit the liquidation stores for lighting and fixtures. And also remind myself, “you’re lucky you have a bathroom to remodel, lady.”

I also decided, if there ever comes a day when I have so much money I can’t fathom what to do with it, I’m going to build an ER wing at each major hospital in my town specifically for kids. Or, staff the pediatric urgent care center so that it can stay open until midnight rather than 8pm. Because kid’s fevers usually spike between 5pm and midnight, and in the case of my 2-year-old, it was 10pm when it got over 106 degrees. Yikes! Luckily we only waited an hour to see a doctor, but still. It was amongst college bros who were suffering from broken noses caused by drunken brawls, or an elderly woman with a severe cough, or three wandering meth addicts who stood in front of me yelling to a car out the window behind me (I moved). Thankfully, kiddo is all better. The ER doctor thought it was pneumonia, but his pediatrician believed otherwise, and turns out, she was most likely right. Just a common toddler virus with a really really really high fever.

It’s been an emotional week. I hate what finances and sick kids can do to a person.


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