Friday Reads: She’s Crafty

The drought we’re having here in the Midwest has been brutal. Coincidentally, I have been feeling a creative drought in my head, too. I have all these ideas swirling around like dust, never settling, because hot winds won’t allow them to take form into concrete ideas. It’s been so frustrating.

Instead of getting overwhelmed, I thought I would start small. Very small, like with kids’ projects. Water colors, finger paints, making felt boards, finger puppets, and mixed media collages. My toddler loves it, the baby likes to eat the crayons and paper, and with each project I complete, I have an energy surge to start a new task, and even *gasp* create something of my own.

To help me brainstorm, I checked out a ton of books from the library. Here are a few that might have to become part of my permanent collection:

ART LAB FOR KIDS – I love this. It makes me want to be an art teacher. The beginning chapter is all about what supplies you should have on hand, and there are 52 concepts, from ink drawings, water colors, and screen printing. Way too advanced for a 2-year-old, but a perfect starting point for a 31-year-old who feels in over her head. Image via Goodreads

SEWING FOR CHILDREN – Meant for ages 3 and up, but I’m not sure I buy that…definitely not for *my* almost-three-year-old, but there were some inspiring projects for my nieces. I even attempted one with great success. Huzzah! Image via Goodreads.

KID MADE MODERN – This has been on my wishlist for quite some time, and I recently noticed that Target also sells a “Kid Made Modern” craft line in their craft aisle. Fun! The book was a great tool to help reconnect with trendsetting artists from the 1950s and ’60s. Oldham creates projects that mimic these artist’s style, some are really cool, others seem kind of tacky. Although, there was a lot about that time period that could be considered tacky, I guess…Image via Goodreads

(And here’s the strange thing: EVERY time I broke out the water colors and painted with the kids, it started raining! Maybe just a drop here or there, but it was rain. I’m afraid to jinx it, but I *may* have found a magic solution to ending world-wide drought…just throwing that out there…)

2 thoughts on “Friday Reads: She’s Crafty

  1. Cassie says:

    I never even thought of going to the library for craft books. I really hope the drought gets better for you all. Where I live in won’t stop thunder-storming. I wish I could pass some along. I’m going to find a craft book at my library now.

    • Nicole says:

      Ooh, what I would do for a good thunderstorm right now…good luck with the library! We have a really good library system here, but they still lack on a few things. If you come across any good ones, please let me know.

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