Save The Moxie

Next month, Moxie Cinema, the independent cinema that my husband and I started, will have its SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY. I can’t believe it. When we started the process, naysayers said we wouldn’t last six weeks because our community couldn’t support something so “avant garde.” It’s an amazing feeling to see the business not only succeed, but thrive, especially under new ownership (we sold it two years ago to focus on raising a family).

The film industry, however, is the one who is going to challenge the theater’s survival. I’m so upset about this. Not lack of customers. Not bad business decisions. Not higher costs or owner fatigue. But the industry itself. They are eliminating film production and moving straight to digital, but in order to screen these new digital films, The Moxie has to purchase two new digital projectors, with a hefty price tag of $160,000.

Let that sink in: the film industry is forcing a tiny independent theater to buy a projector for ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. I can’t even fathom that kind of money. It’s ridiculous.

Thankfully, the new owners of the theater are actually a group of people who set it up as a not-for-profit, and they have the fund-raising skills to help reach that goal. But just in case they fall short, I’m politely asking all my readers to go to their fundraising website, and see if you have an extra dollar or two to help out this wonderful film institution.

Here’s a link: Cause Momentum: Moxie Cinema – Digital or Death.

I would never ask if it weren’t important to me. Thanks for looking! Long live the local art-house theater!


3 thoughts on “Save The Moxie

  1. SwBratcher says:

    I’m on the Cause Momentum project and as I was cruising through the Analytics of the project traffic, donations, referrals, etc, your site came up from this post. I’d like to share that your referrals had a 25% conversion rate and did indeed help out the moxie cause. Congratulations on having great readership.

    • Nicole says:

      First off, thanks for helping put together Cause Momentum, what a great site! I love looking at all the local organizations who are needing extra support.

      Second, I’m glad to have helped! But I have to admit, I clicked on that link probably 1000 times as if it were my own campaign to run. Ha. But I do know that a few readers did donate, which made me happy.

      Thanks Scott!

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