On Thursday nights, it’s “Guy’s Night,” where my husband takes the evening off from work and parenting and hangs out with a group of friends. They drink. They smoke. They play cards. They listen to 90s music loud enough that I can hear them from my bedroom, singing along to boy bands. They have a good time.

Typically during these evenings, I watch TV, browse gossip blogs, and sometimes, if I’m feeling particularly motivated, I’ll bake WHILE watching TV and scrolling These nights are when I like to catch up on TV that nobody else in the family will watch with me: X-Files or Twin Peaks, and without worrying about being scared out of my wits because I know later that evening I won’t be alone in bed (I learned my lesson – NEVER WATCH SCARY SHOWS WHEN MY HUSBAND IS OUT OF TOWN). But lately, I have a new purpose on Thursday nights: Researching the world of romance in pop culture.

I am trying to read as many girly books as I can muster, and watch as many RomComs as my brain will allow.

I started with Sleepless in Seattle, which I haven’t seen since it originally came out in the early 90’s. Have to admit, I disliked Meg Ryan’s character. In fact, I *really* disliked her – what a horrible weird woman. Do you remember this film? She leaves her perfectly fine if not boring fiance, stalks Tom Hanks’ character, and is too passive to simply call him up and interview him for a newspaper story, where she could have met him without all the drama. Sigh. How was she an appealing person to sympathize with?? Give me Meg Ryan in French Kiss, Joe Vs the Volcano, or You’ve Got Mail, but I’ll pass on Sleepless in Seattle.

So while the guys are livin’ it up in the basement, I’m having the epitome of a girl’s night in. From here on out, I don’t have to be embarrassed to want to watch critically panned romantic comedies (ahem, This Means War) or read silly “chick lit.” Because it’s all in the name of research. Yes, very important research.

(suggestions, as always, are welcome)


One thought on “Research

  1. Stephanie says:

    Did you ever watch Matchmaker with Jeaneanne Garafolo? (Totally misspelled her name). And always, my favorite is Return To Me. Sigh. Now that’s a good one.

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