Good Morning, Good Morning

Amongst all my friends who are also moms, we laugh that most of us do not get up before our children awake. My kids usually run to their gated door (or crib), and shout from their rooms “Mama WAKE UP!” No hot breakfast is waiting at the breakfast table for them, no sir, it’s toaster waffles and bananas! I brush my teeth about an hour after all the plates have been cleared and diapers changed, kids dressed and ready for the day. Then I *might* get a shower in, if I’m lucky.

But as a child, I don’t remember ever waking my parents up. I always remember them going about their day, as if they’d been up for hours. HOURS. How did they do it? Lots of coffee? Go to bed early? ‘Tis a mystery.

Today my littlest one woke up for a quick feeding at 6am, but I was not going to let her make that her final wake up. So back to her crib she went, and instead of going back to my bed to snuggle under my brand new comforter in my brand new bed, I decided to shower. And moisturize my skin. And blow dry my hair. And get dressed. And brush my teeth. And put on mascara. And read a couple sentences of a book while sipping iced coffee.

Sigh. It was kind of nice. Maybe I need to make this whole “get up early” thing a habit…


One thought on “Good Morning, Good Morning

  1. Kharma says:

    It’s nice every once in a while….and occasionally our internal clicks allow us to rest, but usually children bring about the “never snooze” alarm!

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