Sleep, Glorious Sleep

This week, the week my little dumpling turns nine months old, marks a momentous milestone: she has started sleeping through the night. Nine months. NINE. MONTHS. That’s like my entire pregnancy of not sleeping. That’s roughly 270 nights where I have not gotten more than a four-hour-stretch of sleep. That’s roughly 270 nights where I get up every two or three hours, out of my bed, into the nursery across the hall, feed my baby, put her back, gulp a large jug of water, and go back to sleep.

I’m not going to lie. I’m exhausted.

I took this of me in February. Might as well be a mugshot. Would you believe me if I said this was me on a good day? Sigh.

So what changed? The introduction of three satisfying meals a day? Maybe. Her growing older and needing to nurse less? Perhaps. She decided to give her mama a break? Hmmm, not sure about that. Letting her cry it out? Haha, oh, I give up after an hour of that. What I am sure about is that the day before her first night of solid sleep, I received her baltic amber teething necklace in the mail.

Baltic amber teething necklaces are supposedly these magical beads that contain succinic acid, which is an anti-inflammatory agent, therefore it cuts down on teething pain. By putting the stone against your skin, the amber warms up and releases the acid to the wearer’s bloodstream, through the skin. A lot of earthy mamas and Europeans use them on their babies.

All you skeptics and non-believers of hippy dippy folk medicine, hear me out. I consider myself left-of-center when it comes to child rearing and alternative therapies, but I still throw a side eye at some things, like BEADED NECKLACES ON A BABY. But, when my toddler was 19 months old, he was getting the last of his teeth in, we just moved houses and had spent half a month in DC. He was a wreck. I decided to try “The Necklace” based on a suggestion from a friend, and within two days he was sleeping better, stopped drooling, and back to his normal crazy self. Coincidence? Yeah, it could be. Teething and fussiness comes and goes with toddlers. But with similar results on my tubby little girl, I’m thinking there’s something to this baltic amber healing. Plus, she just looks so stinkin’ cute.

She’s been wearing it every day for over a week, and every night has slept from 6:30pm to about 5am. I know there’s no scientific proof that amber works, but at this point, I’m not taking any chances. I’ve discovered how good it feels to sleep again. Maybe I’ll post a picture of me in a month with clean, combed hair, eye makeup, and a smile!

(Safety disclosure: I take off the necklace during nap time and bedtime, and tuck it under her clothes when she is wearing it. I’m very aware that my infant is wearing a BEADED NECKLACE, and am vigilant about it being a potential choking hazard. If I had *any* doubts that it was unsafe, I obviously would take it off immediately and stop its usage altogether.)

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