First World Problem

This morning delivered quite the shock. Dan comes running into the bedroom, “Do you want to hear the worst news ever??”

“No!” Why on earth would I want to hear the worst news ever? I’ve already lost sleep over horrifying images of a crazed drug addict (hopefully…) in Florida eating a human face, what could be worse than that??

“Pam is no longer in Springfield. She moved to Athens, Georgia!”

“Noooooooooooo!” I almost started crying. Why wouldn’t she call and tell me? Why would she leave me like that? I mean, it has been about six months since I’ve last seen her, but still. She would call, wouldn’t she? Or write? Ohmygosh, what if she only has my old address, and she *did* write? Oh no. What will I do without her? Who will I go to in times of need? I can’t just go to anyone. Oh my gosh. This is horrible. This is the worst. News. Ever.

Let me tell you a bit about Pam. Pam is amazing. She is magical. She can change my disposition from cranky and tired to relaxed and happy. I have not had chronic migraines since meeting Pam. She listens to me and lets me cry and vent about the tiny little stresses I have in my life.

Pam is my massage therapist.

“Did you call her?” I asked. Dan said no, he just couldn’t find her anywhere online. So I looked. First thing popped up was Pam’s business and phone number. Even though it was early, I went ahead and called, and sweet relief, her voicemail came through. I hung up and told Dan that all was right with the world. He had misspelled her last name in his Internet search, so there was a logical explanation. We would be fine.

After the panic subsided, I started laughing. We sounded like Todd and Margo.


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