Happy Mother’s Day

How do they do it? I think the government should do the following:

  • All Mom’s should get a lifetime supply of iced mochas from Starbucks upon giving birth / adopting their first child.
  • All full-time Stay-at-home moms should get a stipend from the government, or at least a bigger tax refund. I mean, seriously. There is no financial incentive, aside from saving daycare costs, for staying at home.
  • On Mother’s Day, it’s a law that all mother’s get a free dessert at their restaurant of choice.
  • All full-time SAHMs should get two weeks paid vacation, with the use of a free nanny to take their place on those vacation days.
  • All single moms and military moms should get two MONTHS paid vacation, plus nanny service.

How do we make this happen?

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