Fresh Air

There are lots of great things about our current house. It’s roomy, it has character, and practically a clean slate for us to do whatever we want with it, despite it being built in the 1960s. The neighborhood is great, it’s a good location in town, and in the school district I want my kids to be in. We’ll be able to live here for the rest of our lives if we wanted to.

There’s one big thing that I hate about the house, though, and it’s the smell. I’m constantly aware of it, and since the day we moved in, I’ve been trying to remedy the old-person musty mildewy dusty smell. Bowls of distilled vinegar on every surface in every room, dryer sheets strategically placed throughout the house, baking soda on the carpet an hour before vacuuming (although I hear this is a myth, that it doesn’t do anything), simmering potpourri in the kitchen, candles, room spray, open windows, circulating air with the ceiling fans…everything. Because the things that will actually fix it have been deemed too expensive by my husband.

Well, guess what. After an entire year, every single day, of complaining of the smell (I’ve even developed an anxiety over it. I can smell it on my clothes, I hate having people over, I hate loaning anything to someone for fear it will smell, and it puts me in a bad mood when I notice it throughout the day), and Dan having some weird aches and pains that may be allergy related, we’re going to do something about it.

First, we’re having some mold experts come by and test for mold and mildew in various spots.

Next, we’re installing a whole-house air purifier. This is the big expense. Thank you credit cards.

Then, we’re getting our ducts cleaned (thank you in-laws for the generous contribution toward this).

And once all that is done, I’m going to have the carpets and furniture shampooed for the summer.

Finally! I’ll be able to take a deep breath and be truly happy in our “new” home. It’s been the biggest hurdle for me to really love it here. Yippee!


2 thoughts on “Fresh Air

  1. Jamie says:

    Our new house has a smell upstairs too! Adam smells it more than I do (amazingly.) When its humid outside, upstairs smells like urine. We are so used to a house of hardwood floors, these carpets freak me out… I think we may also have our carpets cleaned this summer. Good luck with your improvements!!!

    • Nicole says:

      I smell a urine smell here, too, when it’s humid! Ugh. Bad odors drive me insane. Carpet is the worst. It has one advantage – it muffles noise. Other than that, I hate it!

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