30-Day Challenge: My Toughest One Yet

I’ve been doing these 30-day challenges since October 2011. In a nutshell, challenge yourself for 30 days to make a change. The general rule is, after 30 days you can get used to anything. I only somewhat believe it, because that whole “don’t drink soda” thing is for the birds, but I haven’t baked a pie for myself since the December challenge (I also am not nursing like I was in December, and required an entire pie for sustenance. That’s right. An entire. Pie.).

Here have been my past challenges:

But these are nothing compared to what I’m about to do in May.

I am not going to step foot in Target. Not once. I’m moving my prescription to a drive-through pharmacy. I’m throwing away that “Buy-One-Get-One Free Starbucks only at the Target location” coupon. I will not look at Target’s online coupons. Even if it saves me $1 on baby food or 50 cents on trash bags, I WILL NOT DO IT. Because where I save money there, I’ll lose it in the dollar bin up front, or when I see the beautiful Method display case with the latest scents for Summer, or the adorable new dishware, or the $5 kids t-shirts. Baaahhhh. A 2-item shopping trip quickly turns into a 20-item, $100 price tag.

I’ve asked for well wishes on the blog before. But this time, I really am going to need it. Wish me luck.


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