Adventures at the ER

Saturday night was spent at the ER, because Dan needed an emergency appendectomy. My stomach was in knots the whole time, for his health, for fear that I’d faint (I didn’t!), I was worried about the kids spending the night with their grandparents, and leaving the dogs alone for an extended period of time. But the thing I was worried about the most was the trauma case happening while Dan was waiting for a surgeon. Horrible horrible, the things my nightmares are made of. (I didn’t see anything, but the whole ER staff was buzzing about this particular situation, and I overheard gory details from the anesthesiologists).

As sad as I am that Dan had to have unexpected surgery, I’m *so* grateful it was for an inflamed appendix, rather than some of the other cases at the hospital that night. It’s a routine surgery with minimal cutting and scars, and Dan did a great job. I’d be shaking in my space booties, but he was cool as a cucumber, watching The Golden Girls and making the nurses laugh. That guy.

He’s a bit out of it, and super achey, but who wouldn’t be after an operation? I’m kind of glad we both have abdominal surgeries to bond over now. Before I was all, “oh yeah? You don’t know pain until you’ve recovered from major abdominal surgery!” Now, I’m all, “I told you to stay on top of your pain medication! Drink that water! Trust me! I know. I’ve had major abdominal surgery. And then I had to get up and take care of a baby the next morning” (always the one-upper, I am).

This weekend just plain sucked. But sucky situations are always learning experiences, and I think I learned a lot. Sitting alone in the surgery waiting room, I processed a lot of thoughts and emotions (too depressing to write here), and came away being so grateful for my life. There very well may be a time in the future where I’ll be sitting in that room again, biting my nails in anticipation over the surgeon’s arrival to tell me how the procedure went. But I hope not. So I want to do everything in my power to keep my family as healthy as possible. It’s an energizing feeling to have, I just hope I can keep this momentum!



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