Choose Your Own Adventure

I feel like my decisions are a really boring Choose Your Own Adventure Book…

It’s 7:00am and both kids are snoring away. Do you:

a) sleep until they wake up

b) shower

You chose SHOWER! You’re in the shower, enjoying the immersion of hot water and heady scent of Moroccan Oil shampoo. You think you hear a muffled cry. Do you:

a) Immediately hop out of the shower to see if everyone’s ok

b) Stay in the shower. They’re all safe in cribs or gated bedrooms.

You chose HOP OUT OF SHOWER. Hahaha, sucker. It was your imagination. Kids are still snoring away! Now that you’ve cut your shower prematurely, do you:

a) Take the extra time to put on makeup and comb your hair

b) Immediately get back in pj’s and crawl into bed…

You get the picture. Usually one option is always “Get back in bed.”



One thought on “Choose Your Own Adventure

  1. LFro says:

    Whenever going to back to bed is the option, I choose that one, too.

    Example: Take a nap or grade more papers?

    Napping pretty much ALWAYS wins. It’s a good thing I don’t have a couch in my office. I’d never get anything done. :)

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