Friday Photo: Loft Livin’

Of any place that I have ever lived, or will ever live, I don’t think any will come close to the three years Dan and I lived in a loft downtown.

I miss it so! Walking up the 26 stairs these days might be a bit challenging, what with a toddler, an infant, and whatever other baby accoutrements they require (baby carrier, stroller, portable chair, etc). Having laundry off site kind of sucked. And it got old pretending every morning at 1am was “Zombie Time,” where all the drunks might as well have been extras in a horror flick. Plus the whole debating over who got to take Bogey out in the rain or cold.

But other than that. Walking everywhere. Living above our business. The exposed brick! The exposed ductwork! The wood floors! The charm! The bullet hole in the hall window! (Ok, that’s not so charming). The giant windows! The Expedit that filled half our living space! The fact that I could get the entire apartment spotless AND bake a cake AND watch an entire season of Arrested Development in just one night! Even the smell of the loft was wonderful.

Ah. Thanks for letting me reminisce.


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