Friday Reads: High Tech

Dan got me a Kindle for my birthday! I’ve been on the fence about e-readers for quite some time, but lately I realized that I would be reading so much more if I could do it with just one hand (that’s what she said?). I have downtime throughout the day, but that still usually means I’m holding a baby or sitting on the floor with the toddler, and as soon as one of them sees a book, they try to eat it, or steal my bookmark. So with a Kindle, I can hold a baby AND a book, plus it has audiobook capability, and it’s so much lighter to hold. I’m not going to lie. It’s pretty cool.

Amazon has a lending library where you can check out one book a month for free. The selection isn’t amazing, even if there are something like 13,000 titles to choose from. After hours of searching, I decided on Bonk by Mary Roach. I’d read most of Packing for Mars by her, this sounds promising, and her writing is light enough that I can just read a few bits and pieces at a time and not get lost in plot points while also listening to Jasper sing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” for the 30th time that hour.

Our library also has a handful of e-books to check out, with a surprisingly good selection. The downside is they only have one edition, so you have to wait just as with a real book. I don’t quite understand that, I’m sure it has to do with funding, but come on. Give the libraries free books, publishing companies! Geesh.

I’m pretty excited about my birthday present. I just wish there were more free books I could load up on there because I’m ready to start reading!!


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