MJ is 7 Months Old!

Almost every day, Dan and I say out loud, “Aren’t you glad Jasper doesn’t scream any more every time Maggie makes a noise?” Now that MJ’s been around for SEVEN MONTHS (!!!), life has started to resemble what I was hoping for all along. They love each other, she’s starting to sleep through the night, I’ve been able to shower more than once every few days, and the baby fat is still melting away (mine…although MJ is slimming up too, sadly).

Chores still take a back seat on my priority list, but it’s not because I don’t want to do them. Having a 2-year-old and a 7-month-old makes it almost laughable to get *anything* accomplished, aside from doing the dishes and picking up toys. See the dog food on the floor in the picture? Yeah. It’s probably still there, and this picture was taken weeks ago.

MJ is experimenting with new foods, and she is about as opposite from her brother as you can get. He ate anything put in front of him, she only likes cheerios, peas, and zucchini. We did have success finally with a sweet potato/pear puree, but bananas and peaches make her gag. She’s so dramatic. So I guess she does have that in common with big bro.

She’s also sitting on her own, but only for a few seconds at a time. I think her gigantic head makes it hard for her to balance. I’m not kidding – her head is in the 98th percentile of baby heads. I think her height and weight were about 50% or so, so this girl is a bit top heavy. Also like her brother and his big noggin.

Now that we’re all getting a tiny bit more sleep (4-5 hour stretches as opposed to 2-3 hours at a time), life looks so much glossier. I can’t even imagine what my world will look like in seven more months…(actually, I’m not sure I *want* to imagine, because we’ll have a three-year-old on our hands, and that could be downright scary).

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