30 Day Challenge: Going Gluten Free

For as long as I’ve known my husband, he’s had stomach issues. A few years ago he determined he was lactose intolerant, which meant no more pizza, grilled cheese, lasagna, or frozen custard. At first our nightly dinners were challenging to create, but not so much anymore, especially since I get my pizza fix about once a month.

But lately, his stomach pains are getting worse, and now he’s been constantly having other unexplained aches and pains that no doctor can diagnose. And he’s even had an un-anesthetized colonoscopy to rule out certain diseases and disfunctions. Yowza. He’s got achey joints, fatigue, and a list of other symptoms that to me screamed GLUTEN INTOLERANCE.

For the past year he’s denied it, and said I was talking a fool’s talk. But this week, after yet another doctor’s appointment and a trip to the Urgent Care with no conclusive results, he’s decided to try it (oh, and because his doctor said it could be a gluten issue). We’ve decided to try it. Phew. This is going to be fun.

I’ll cheat for sure, because I love cakes and cookies, but all the meals we prepare at home for family dining will be 100% gluten free. We meal planned tonight, and looking ahead, there are going to be a lot of tacos, roasted vegetables, and grilled meats on our horizon. The fact that he can’t eat dairy also cuts the recipe options significantly. Thank goodness we’re not vegetarians!

What boggles my mind is how gluten is in absolutely everything. Pretty much any food in the middle section of the grocery store has some form of wheat byproduct in it. It’s insane. No wonder so many people are suffering from an intolerance, our poor bodies are on wheat overload! Caramel coloring, natural flavorings, natural sweeteners, emulsifiers, enzymes, modified food starch, smoke flavoring, seasonings, soy sauce…it’s everywhere!

Aside from my upcoming birthday cakes (yes, I said cakes), I’m going to try *really* hard not to bake any cakes or cookies or desserts that have wheat flour in them. In fact, I didn’t buy the 8-pound bag of chocolate chips I usually get each month, and will stop stocking flour and sugar in my pantry. Dan never eats sweets or desserts anyway, so it’s not for his sake really. But I feel like if he’s having to give up soft pretzels, artisan beer and Mr. Goodcents, than I should limit the glutton of gluten that I ingest.

This will be a 30-day trial, and in May we’ll re-evaluate to see how he’s feeling. If no different, than huzzah! We can eat sub sandwiches again! If he feels better…well, then I’ll be a happy wife to see my husband no longer always in discomfort. And maybe we’ll be a bit thinner too…


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