Hungry For More

I found this inspiration board I made on Polyvore immediately after reading The Hunger Games, dated September 2010. I don’t normally make inspiration boards, but that was a great thing about the book – it’s so bleak, yet so fantastically fashionable, that I couldn’t help but picture what I would choose if I were in charge of putting the imagination of the author to screen.

The movie adaptation was successful, in my humble opinion, minus a few nagging things (the hand-held camera work, Peeta not quite fulfilling my expectations, and strangely, when a song by The Civil Wars came on, it jolted me out of the movie completely). But a big disappointment was the use of all the CG for Katniss’s CLOTHING. Really? Movies have multi-million dollar budgets, and they used computers to create The Girl on Fire? I was hoping for something a bit more original and creative. Otherwise, Katniss was spot on, the pacing made me bite my nails from suspense, despite knowing the outcome, and, well, I’m glad they put in a song by The Civil Wars, because I really like them.


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