It Happened…

…my almost-seven-month-old baby FINALLY slept through the night without waking up. Seven pm to 6:45am. I would like to say it was glorious, but I actually woke up multiple times from a toddler with nightmares, and me in discomfort from not having nursed every three hours.

It’s a start, the sleep training we began last week has been tough but worth it. If I can get my sweet little girl to continually sleep through the night, she will be the most perfect baby every put on this planet, and all of you are going to be jealous and want to steal her. Seriously.

This, on top of my new and correct dosage of thyroid medicine (I was almost 200% OVER medicated for the past six months!! Yowza – that explains the insomnia, jitters, panic attacks, numb limbs, racing heart, etc) is going to make me feel like a new person. Yesterday, in fact, I calmly dealt with my children, made zucchini bread and baby food pear puree, cleaned the kitchen, helped put together puzzles with the toddler, went to the grocery store with BOTH KIDS, sorted and put away laundry, made my husband lunch, visited my sister, and handled putting both kids to bed by myself. I felt like a well rested Super Mom. And that’s the first time I’ve felt like that in almost seven months.



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