Pop Culture Catch Up: Game of Thrones

One episode in, and I can’t look away. Technically, that’s not true, because I spent 1/4 of the time with my hands over my eyes, and then the rest of the evening and into the wee hours having flashbacks of a very disturbing image from the first 10 minutes of the miniseries, and fretting over the fate of a character (I looked up a spoiler…it’ll be ok).

Bah! I can’t handle it! Give me sunshine and ice cream and rainbows. No! I want medieval fantasy and sword fights and political intrigue. No! I need Colin Firth and Paul Rudd and silly RomComs.

When will I learn? I can’t handle drama anymore. Not even something like Mad Men. Don’t get me started on how I can’t even watch X-Files anymore. THE X-FILES!!! Part of me is sooooo excited for Prometheus, but the trailer alone gave me bad dreams. Same with The Dark Knight Rises. I think it’s all the Pixar and PBS I watch these days.

Hopefully when I have teenagers who have left the cartoons behind, I’ll be able to enjoy the dramatic side of TV again…


One thought on “Pop Culture Catch Up: Game of Thrones

  1. Brydget says:

    I have been going through the same thing lately. I couldn’t eat my popcorn when I saw Hunger Games. I’m not even talking about the action scenes. I was stressed from the moment it started. And I LOVE movie theatre popcorn.

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