Seven+ Days at the Hospital Makes One Weak

You know how old(er) people just *love* talking about health problems, and who’s sick with what and what ailments they have, etc etc? Well. I apologize. This is one of those posts, and I’m not even 31.

Our household has been hit with pink eye, fevers, sore throats, and those gross snotty coughs.

My dad had knee replacement surgery on Monday, and today was a rough recovery day for him. He’s having side effects from the surgery that are preventing him from focusing on his knee therapy, so that’s no good. Sad he lives so far away so we can’t visit.

And my poor little 6-year-old niece Ivy has been in the hospital for almost two weeks now with the worst, nastiest, meanest case of pneumonia I’ve ever heard of. It’s so bad, she’s in ICU in a medically induced coma while her body and modern medicine try to destroy the bacteria that’s destroying her lungs. It’s awful. I hate every second of it, the whole family (extended included) is in a huge funk, and I can’t imagine how her Mom is even making it through each day. They’re tough ladies, that’s for sure. We haven’t been allowed to visit her because she’s in quarantine, so we feel so helpless around here. I just keep sending her as many mental hugs and kisses and dreams of Prince Eric (Ariel’s beau) as I possibly can.

On a positive note, I’ve been treating MJ’s pink eye with the craziest thing you’ll ever hear of: my own breast milk. I know, I know. It’s crazy. But I guess it has an antibody that kills the bacteria in conjuctivitis. The first day I tried it, it cleared up almost immediately. I slacked on doing it yesterday, though, so it’s back, but now I’m administering it a few times a day and it’s looking much better. Amazing. I hear it also clears up ear infections and sinus issues. What?? I even tried putting some on my own eye. It was really difficult getting it up there. (Hahahahaha, I kid. I used an eye dropper.)

Anyways. Hoping by the end of this week life will look a bit cheerier for everyone, and hospital stays are kept to a minimum until Ivy has her first baby in 20 years or so. Those kind of hospital visits I can handle!

Hope you and your families are well! Hug those babies if you have them, furry or human.


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