This week I wanted to make healthy pumpkin muffins. Out of all my cookbooks, there was not ONE recipe. No pumpkin bread*, no pumpkin cake, no pumpkin muffins, none from scratch at least. What the what? I am the Queen of Pumpkin, and not one book had a recipe I could use? I ended up modifying a banana bread recipe, and it actually turned out really well, considering I made a lot of substitutions, like whole wheat flour, applesauce, pumpkin, and spices.

Anyways. My point of the story is this: After spending an hour or so going through all my cookbooks looking for recipes, it made me want to create an index of ALL my cookbooks. I know. Ridiculous. Someone talk me out of it.

*Ok, I did have one recipe for pumpkin bread, and it is the most amazing bread ever, but for what I was trying to achieve, this particular recipe has way too much butter & sugar. Mmm. Butter & sugar.



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