Fatty Tuesday

Even the detoxifying green tea I had this morning can’t make me feel better about my Fat Tuesday indulgences. But oh boy were they great. Pizza. King Cake. Movie Theater Popcorn. A MOVIE AT A MOVIE THEATER. Multiple handfuls of chocolate chips. Ice cream.

And here we go, starting another 30-day challenge, this time in conjunction with Lent (I’m not Catholic, but I like the ritual of this commitment). This time around, no sodas or ice cream. Sonic Happy Hour has been a huge burden on my hips and wallet, those $1.08 44-oz cherry Dr. Peppers really add up! And so does that $4 carton of ice cream I require from the grocery store each week.

I actually don’t think this will be that difficult…until 2pm today when Happy Hour starts and I need to get out of the house for a caffeine fix.


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