Pop Culture Catch Up…I Can’t Stop Thinking About:

  • Twin Peaks – started watching season 1 in January, and am surprised at how vividly I remember the series from when it originally aired in the ’90s. It was our family show, every Thursday night. I can’t believe that my parents allowed me to watch it after the pilot. Holy cow, it’s creepy!
  • How disappointing The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta was. The premise had so much potential: following a small suburban town after a Rapture-like event where millions of people vanished into thin air. But the characters were all flat (they read as if they were all the same, the 19-year-old frat boy spoke the same as the 40-year-old woman), and the writing seemed like it was catered toward a younger audience. As in, it felt like reading The Babysitter’s Club. Wait…do those still exist? Do girls still read those? I hear Perrotta’s novel is going to be turned into an HBO mini-series, which will actually probably be really good.
  • Can’t. Wait. For. The Hunger Games in March.
  • Louis CK. This guy went from being nowhere on my pop culture radar screen, then this past May I heard about him and his show (Louis), and now I see him every where. And he is so hilarious. The first time Dan and I watched Louis, I was so turned off. He was vulgar, made mean jokes about his kids, and it was a weird mix of reality and surrealism. Now it’s the only show I’m in the mood to watch.
  • Something I’m not really in the mood to watch, which saddens me, is Project Runway Allstars. I watched the first three episodes and everything about it seems so forced. The producers are probably picking challenges to manipulate a winner, the host is sooooooooooooooo patronizing to the contestants and celebrity judges, and the designers aren’t really stepping up their game. I also miss Tim Gunn, and was hoping that the mentor this season would be as snarky as she is when she judges on a normal season. Can’t wait for a ‘regular’ version of PR to start again.
  • Speaking of new shows to watch, finally saw the first episode of Portlandia and have been singing “the dream of the ’90s are alive in Portland…Portland…” Really enjoyed it and am looking forward to watching more. Usually after an episode of Twin Peaks because I’m too freaked out to go to bed.
  • Shoot. All this talk of ’90s culture, maybe I need to go back and watch My So Called Life, Freaks and Geeks, and listen to some Ace of Base. Awwww yeahhhh.

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