It’s a Small World

And I’m not talking about how you run into someone that you haven’t seen since elementary school in a completely different part of the country…I’m talking about how small *my* world is. Ever since selling the business and becoming a SAHM, I’m finding that the world around me gets very very very tiny. Smaller than the town I live in. Smaller than my neighborhood. I’d say, it’s about the size of my house.

I’m having a hard time keeping up with world news and events, even pop culture and celebrity gossip. Election soon? Caucus? What? Did I even spell that right? I don’t know! Oh, you want to hear about my kid’s extreme bowel movement, or how I messed up the baklava? Because those are the sorts of things my brain can wrap around. And it’s not that world events aren’t interesting to me, they are. But they seem so much less important these days than when Jasper learns new vocabulary words, keeping my kids healthy from stomach bugs, or what I should make for weekly meals.

The other day I asked Dan what he wanted for dinner. He just looked at me. Then he asked who I was talking to, because I was using the voice reserved for talking to the kiddos. Gah! I talk in baby talk?? Someone get me an evening of adult conversation and an issue of The New Yorker, pronto!!

Oh, who am I kidding. The adult conversation would turn to parenting stories, and the magazine would sit on my nightstand unread, underneath the potty training book and bottle of ibuprofen.

As my kids grow older, my world will get bigger again. I just hope I’m not out of practice for what’s out there when it happens!




4 thoughts on “It’s a Small World

  1. LyndseyFro says:

    This post make me think of a news story I heard about how when a woman has a baby, her senses sharpen that she’ll need to care for the infant. For example, hearing is more attuned for the baby’s cries, etc. I like to think of it as being temporarily endowed with super senses. Maybe the brain is the same way? You are one of two people that is responsible for every need of these little people, so your brain is forcing you to focus on them. I think that’s amazing. Jasper and Maggie are so lucky to have such attentive and intention parents!

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