An Amazing Thing (or two, or three)…

  • I finished a book! Huzzah! But I wasn’t too crazy about “One Amazing Thing,” sadly. It started off strong, and the vignettes within the novel were interesting, but as a whole, I felt the characters were caricatures, and I had a hard time connecting with any of them. Something was missing, too. I kept waiting for a twist, or a connection to tie the nine characters together, or a revelation about their entrapment (the book is about 9 people trapped in a basement office after an earthquake strikes, and they decide to tell stories to pass the time), but nothing came. Now, on to “Potty Training Boys the Easy Way.” Riveting material, I know.
  • Christmas is just weeks away??? Here’s a picture of the tree we had at our theater, a few years ago:

  • It’s my niece Sophia’s birthday! The silly sassy tot is no longer a tot. She’s FOUR!!! Happy Birthday! Here’s a picture of her when she was just much chunkier, and I was much thinner (now she is much thinner, and I more chunky…and not blond…):

Have a good weekend!

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