Birthday Boy

Two years ago we welcomed our little Jasper to the world. In that time, I’ve learned the (many) ups and downs of motherhood, welcomed new cousins and future girlfriends & playmates, sold a business, went to Disneyworld as a family, Dan switched jobs, we made multiple trips to Dallas and Memphis, spent half a month in DC, bought a new house, survived a heat wave, and had Maggie! It’s been hectic with lots of changes, but one thing remains the same: I have the cutest, brightest, sweetest (sometimes), silliest little guy in the whole wide world. See for yourself.

{One Week – we like to call this one, “Mayor of Munchkin City”}

{One Month – a growing boy!}

{Two Months – already practicing the teenage smirk}

{Three Months – his love of grapes started early}

{Four Months – hangin’ in the exersaucer}

{Five Months – taking it easy}

{Six Months – on his way to his first baseball game}

{Seven Months – sitting up and drinking from a sippy cup}

{Eight Months – not happy}

{Nine Months – trying out a new hair style}

{Ten Months – doing his best Dr. Evil impersonation at the park}

{Eleven Months – The Pumpkin was THIS BIG!}

{ONE YEAR! Enjoying a pumpkin spice cupcake}

{13 Months – Christmas’d out}

{14 Months – Becoming a Picky Eater}

{15 Months – Finally getting some hair!}

{16 Months – The clumsy stage has arrived}

{17 Months – Happy Easter}

{18 Months – In DC, and also one of my favorite pictures of him}

{19 Months – Living in the New House}

{20 Months – Finishing teething…I think}

{21 Months – Ready for his Sister to arrive}

{22 Months – Just Kidding, he thinks she’s horrible}

{23 Months – the WoodyBuzz phase has hit hard}

{24 Months – See? Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue!}

I love this stinker so stinkin’ much it’s ridiculous. Happy Birthday Jasper, and I can’t wait to celebrate 100 more with you.


3 thoughts on “Birthday Boy

  1. Jamie says:

    Happy Birthday to Jasper! Enjoy that Woody and Buzz stage. It lasted for a year with Aiden and now he moved on to Hot Wheels. Happy Thanksgiving too!!!

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