Friday Reads AND Friday Photo(s)

This week I started reading FRENCH MILK by Lucy Knisley. It’s a graphic novel about a 22-year-old and her mother taking a 6-week trip to Paris. Oui, s’il vous plait!

French Milk

So, naturally, while I’m reading this, I’ve been thinking about Paris, and *my* six-week stay there. Here are some photos:

{Costume exhibit at the Palais Garnier}


{Street view from my apartment}

{The Thinker}

{Sail boat in Vannes}

{Statue at a garden}

{and of course, The Eiffel Tower}

3 thoughts on “Friday Reads AND Friday Photo(s)

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks! I should scan in the rest of them from the trip someday. Le sigh.

      I’m only a few pages into the book, and I still don’t know what I think yet. Graphic novels are so weird. I think I haven’t gotten the hang of it yet. I’ll keep you updated!

  1. LyndseyFro says:

    I love the pictures! Let’s go to France…right now! Yeah, I could go for some macaroons from Laduree and some chocolat chaud. Mmmmm.

    Seriously, I want to hear all about your time in Paris next time we get together.

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