That Birthday Banner I Was Talking About…

{Birthday Banner}

This is the second crafty project I’ve completed in one year’s time (the other was a bauble wreath). I think that’s sad. Extremely sad. There was a time where I was sewing clothes, costumes, making bags, drawing, decorating my house with crafty art work, and hanging out with a group of crafty girls once a week or so to craft (ok…we tried crafting, but usually ended up eating).

I’m not sure what happened. Yes, yes I do. We moved from my tiny loft which actually had a space for me to sew, to a tiny house that had no space for me to sew. Oh yeah. And I had a baby. Then I got pregnant again, which led to another baby. So not only was time and space no longer available, but also my brain power, energy, inspiration, and motivation.

But! I think it’s back. I have a whole list of projects to complete, starting with that birthday banner. Up next, an autumn garland (I’m celebrating “Save Thanksgiving” all month long), and after that, a cross-stitched family tree. Also on the list: another birthday banner (or two), painting the living room, and making holiday gifts for friends and family. I’m very excited!

Let’s just hope this momentum continues…

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