Bottled Up

It took two months for Maggie to finally take a bottle. I’m sure this milestone would have come sooner if I had

  1. tried using different bottles and nipples
  2. been more persistent

But, as much as nursing a newborn can turn a mom into a prisoner of sorts (lots of button down shirts, no dresses, might as well wear a bathrobe all day, can’t leave the baby longer than a three-hour stretch, pesky letdown discomfort…), I don’t mind it nearly as much as I think I do. So when I *finally* got her to successfully drink from a bottle, my hormones went berserk. “I’M FREE!!! Bah. My Baby! She doesn’t need me any more! I’M FREE!!! Bah. Now my milk supply might dwindle. I CAN GO HAVE A DRINK!!! Bah. I need to put this bottle down and nurse. HUZZAHHHHHHH!!!”

I think we’ll both survive, though.


{Happy Two-Months to my Sweet Marguerite!}

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