Silly Me

I should have known better than to set a 30-day challenge that would actually take time to do. Hahaha, time. I had an hour yesterday where both kids were napping. My options on what to do with that free time were endless. I could write! I could grocery shop! I could go get coffee! I could clean the kitchen! I could read a book! I could start making a birthday banner! I could organize the craft room! I could make roasted pear apple sauce! I could take a bath! I could clean the closet! I could call a friend!

I napped.

2 thoughts on “Silly Me

  1. LyndseyFro says:

    I napped yesterday instead of putting away laundry, doing dishes, grading papers, etc., etc. The magnetic pull of a nap is a powerful thing. And, yesterday was nice and dreary.

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