Friday Photo: The Office

Going through my photo archives, I found this picture of my very first office desk. It seems fitting to post this today, because for some reason I’ve been daydreaming about going back to work, after nearly a year and a half off from paid employment, and over seven years working for a company that wasn’t my own.

Looking at this doesn’t bring back the emotions I thought it would (“blech, I had to work in a cube?”). I actually really loved my first job as a “Marketing Coordinator” at a large health sciences publishing company in St. Louis. I worked with great people that I never wanted to gossip about (how rare is that?), and I was respected in my lowly (and low-paid) position. I also learned a lot about organization, time management, and the true meaning of what it means to be a “quick learner” (who would have thought that this girl with a medical phobia could tell you what a spirometer was or what should go in a crash cart in a triage room?).

But then I found the pictures of my next two desks…

This was my desk at the original Moxie location. Dan and I worked there 7 days a week, and anywhere from 8-18 hours a day. For five years. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire life, but also one of the most stressful. There are things I miss greatly about the theater, like marketing movies, my wonderful staff and favorite customers, and the pride I felt in my community. But I definitely don’t miss the long hours, the financial stress, or going to Sam’s to pick up supplies. Seriously, that was one of my most dreaded tasks.

When we expanded theaters, I got my OWN OFFICE! But look what I did to it…

…I completely ruined it. I remember one day coming in to work early, and about died from shock when my office was spotless. The carpet was even vacuumed. Turns out, one of my staff members cleaned it, because it just got to be too much for him. Sadly, the business had gotten to be too much for me, because at this time I was running it mostly on my own (Dan had started his new full-time job as a web developer). I also had a newborn whom I brought to work, and the stress of juggling an evenings-and-weekends business along with my new family was just too much for me. So that’s when we decided it was important to sell the theater (which we did, and strangely enough, was easier than selling a house).

Phew. This post is a lot longer than I expected. But in writing it, I learned two things:

  1. The more responsibility I have, the messier my office is.
  2. I left an important job to raise my family, and that’s where I need to stay for the next couple years, as long as finances allow it.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t daydream…


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