30 Day Challenge: Write Write Write

When I was in elementary school, I knew for certain I was going to be an author. Or own a bed & breakfast. One of the two. And I guess I pursued the author goal throughout college, studying journalism and writing for a city paper. But as much fun as it was to see my name in print, reporting was not my idea of the author I wanted to become. I always liked focusing more on the creative side, not the fact-compiling side.

One of my favorite classes in college was about writing creative non-fiction, and focusing on personal essays. The end-of-the-semester project was to submit an essay to The New York Times in hopes of being published. But then our professor had a stroke and we had another instructor come in, who was excellent, but had a different teaching agenda…

We never got to submit that personal essay to a major publication, and I’ve always been disappointed about it. So that’s the goal this month: to write creatively every day (blog posts can count, my daily journal jotting does not), and possibly submit a story or essay at the end of the month to a magazine, zine, newspaper, etc.

Originally I thought I’d spend November working on a novel, but I’m just not ready for that. This will hopefully ignite the spark, though, that will get me ready to commit to a larger work. Wish me luck!


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