Friday Photo: She’s Crafty

Since I haven’t even opened a book in months, my “Friday Reads” posts depress me. So instead, I’m taking a page from my sister’s book (well, her blog), and doing a Friday photo.

This was taken way back in 2003, when I first started the original Tapioca Dance. These hands at work belong to one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world, Melissa, who also happens to turn 30 today!

We met in college, we both found out we were pregnant with our first child on the exact same day, and we have huge craft aspirations that never make it past the idea stage. For an extremely brief window, we got to live in the same city at the same time, and took advantage of that by sewing aprons out of pillowcases, making mint pie that tasted like dirt, shopping, eating pounds of frozen peaches, just eating in general, staging photo shoots to get us on an extreme makeover show, and hanging out. It was a good year. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one day maybe we’ll get to do that again!

Happy Birthday Melissa!


2 thoughts on “Friday Photo: She’s Crafty

  1. melissa says:

    Thanks Nicole! Amazingly Carter wears one of the aprons we made when we wash dishes. Who would have thought our lives would have mirrored each other so often! I am also wishing for a time when we live closer and can come up with even more craft projects that never get done. I can’t wait to drive out in the spring to see you and the babies. Carter and Jasper have no choice in the matter- they are going to be friends!

    • Nicole says:

      Haha, Carter and Jasper will *have* to be friends so they can call each other and have their own support network for how crazy their Moms are :)

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