The Trickster

A couple nights ago, around midnight, Jasper woke up crying for his Mama and Daaaaadddddyyyyyy. Earlier that day he had a little bit of a bloody nose, so I went ahead and checked on him, just in case. A sucker for a chunky tot with tears streaming down his face, I lifted him out of his crib and held him. His crying got worse, but I could tell it was one part relief and one part, “ha ha, Mama fell for it!” But I indulged him anyways, because if he’s anything like me (and he probably is, considering I created him), a good cry and a big hug can do wonders.

So we sat in his chair, and I held him for a few minutes, letting his sobbing get louder and louder, then quieter and quieter, until it was just down to a few lingering sniffles.

Sniff sniff. Sniff. He looks up at me with the biggest, most pathetic eyes I’ve ever seen.

… “A show?”

Oh Jasper. Kid’s OBSESSED with Toy Story 1, 2, and 3. He’ll do anything for a chance to watch Buzz and Woody, including faking a midnight meltdown. I told him no, it was way past bedtime, and he needed to go to sleep. So I held him for a few minutes more, and slowly Jasper started maneuvering out of my arms and onto the floor. I could have stopped him, but I was curious to see what he would do next. As soon as his feet hit the ground, he ran to our room as fast as his little legs could carry him. By the time I made it across the hall, he had climbed into bed, propped himself up on the pillows, remote control in hand.

“A show?”

I had no intention of giving in, but how could I deny my little trickster the chance to fall asleep in bed with me (Dadddddyyyyyy was working in his office)? But Jasper was wide awake and watching me. So I pretended to fall asleep, again, curious to see what he would do next. As soon as I broke out the fake snores, Jasper un-snuggled with me, and moved a bit closer to the edge of the bed. He whispered very quietly…


I didn’t answer. So he scoots a little bit closer to the edge of the bed.

Another few seconds pass, and I’m watching him through half-closed eyes. He’s still watching me, only he thinks I’m sleeping. Haha, Mama’s the trickster this time! Before I could gloat too much, though, he jumped off the bed, whispered “Bye bye” and ran to the kitchen. I caught him right before he could open a cabinet door, probably to empty its contents, and put him back to bed. His bed this time.

The sobbing continued for about 10 minutes. I’m a sucker for sure, but not twice in one night. He eventually fell asleep, and of course as soon as I finally drifted to sleep for real, another baby in the house woke up crying..but that whole sleep-deprived-mommy-woes is another blog post that I’ll probably be too tired to ever write.


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