By 10am…

…this is what my house tends to look like:

{messy hearth room}

{kitchen clutter}

How do people do it? How do they keep their homes clean AND take care of kids? I’ve tried FLY Lady with some success (she tells people how to stop living in CHAOS…Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome), and I have Martha Stewart-inspired checklists posted throughout with cleaning tasks. But the toys! The clutter! The sticky fingerprints! Sigh. One day they’ll be in school and make messes there, right?

{Jasper’s somewhat tidy room…the calm before the storm}

4 thoughts on “By 10am…

  1. Jamie says:

    I would say its the age, but Aiden’s room and our loft area is typically a disaster area. I feel like as they get older, they focus a bit more on one or two toys. Unfortunately for us that is a big bag of legos and a train set (millions of pieces each!)

    Find a clean up song on the internet, or make one up. Race him to clean up the most. That’s what we do.

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