My Toddler, the 23-month-old

One more month, and my little guy turns TWO!

{At Mother’s Brewery Oktoberfest}

My sweet baby boy is quickly becoming “my ornery wild machine.” Almost overnight he’s switched gears from snuggly cuddly little chunk to wound-up crazy kid, screaming at the top of his lungs, throwing toys, refusing food, worshiping Buzz & Woody, waking up throughout the night, climbing into cabinets, climbing onto bookshelves, pulling out the contents of every drawer and cabinet, slamming doors, toppling over chairs, running back and forth on the couches, trying to sit on Bogey, kicking his cousin, and yelling at his sister. Phew.

{Walking with Daddy in his Cardinal’s Hat}

But he also likes to come up to me, give me a big goofy smile, whisper “Mama” and wait for me to whisper back, “Jasper.” Then he gets a little bit louder, “Mama.” And I whisper a bit louder back, “Jasper.” And on and on for 15 minutes. He gives kisses and high fives, loves to burrow into my armpit while we’re watching Buzz & Woody, and still can’t go anywhere without his Blankie (we’re working on that). Daddy is still the coolest guy on the planet (besides Buzz & Woody), and his heart explodes with sadness if one of us even pretends to leave the same room he’s in.

And don’t get me started on his good looks and keen intelligence. Because he’s got both, and that’s not just a proud mama bragging. Ok, maybe it is, but it’s my blog and I get to do that. His vocabulary expands on an hourly basis, and I’m always astonished by what he understands. He finished eating his lunch on a paper plate, so I said, “Hand it to Mama, I’ll throw it away.” And he jumped up, said, “TRASH!” and then took his plate to our trash can and threw it away. Normal toddler behavior? Maybe, I don’t know because I’ve never had a toddler before, but I was impressed!

{Hamming it up for the camera (in his Woody shirt…kid’s obsessed)}

It’s such a cliche, about how quickly kids grow up, but it’s true. Jasper is at a super fun age right now, and while I can’t wait to watch him grow and develop, I’m so sad that he won’t stay a sassy silly wobbly tot who enjoys the simple pleasures in life: Buzzy & Woody, bath time, and pizza.




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