Living Simply, or Simply Living?

We’re 20 days into our “no frivolous spending” month, and so far it’s gone well…

I did send Dan to get me an iced coffee last week, but to be fair, we were out of milk, and I was really tired. We’ve stuck to my meal plan, and not bought anything that wasn’t already on the grocery list (do you know how hard it is to NOT write things like, “7-pound bag of Halloween candy”, just so I could get extra treats?). Our utilities bill is going to be awesome, because until yesterday, we haven’t used any heat or air (we could probably have gone a bit longer, but with a newborn in the house, I get worried), and since I only get a shower in once every 3 days, our hot water bill should be low too (TMI? Sorry…). And as much as I wanted the $40 Kate Spade iphone case with giraffes on it, I decided on a more frugal $10 non-designer, plain and simple case. So, you know, that’s a pat on the back, right? I also decided on dressing our kiddos in hand-me-down Halloween costumes, instead of making or buying new ones (which is completely fine, because the costumes are SO CUTE).

Dan however, has not done too well with the challenge. It’s not really his challenge to begin with though, so I wasn’t expecting him to be as successful. Besides beer and wine, a new iphone for me (I told him I didn’t need it…at least not in October), and trips to Taco Bell, he did splurge on this:

A Cardinal’s jersey for Jasper, in hopes of bringing an extra dose of luck to the home team.

But really, can you expect me to get upset over that? (Ok, I’m not upset about the iphone either.)


6 thoughts on “Living Simply, or Simply Living?

  1. Missy Wade says:

    I have a friend who is obsessed with Kate Spade iPhone cases. She visited in July and I reaped the benefit though… She gave me two that were still in their package! You can have one if you want!

    • Nicole says:

      I just can’t believe how expensive they are! For that price, I’d want it to do something more, like be a Swiss Army knife!

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