Pop Culture Catch Up

Been listening to a lot of Justin Townes Earle lately, particularly Harlem River Blues.

He’s so good. Dan introduced the album to me, because we’re both fans of his dad Steve Earle, and his namesake Townes Van Zandt, and because I love the whole guy-and-his-guitar type of music (and girl-and-her-guitar). He also kind of looks like Cillian Murphy, only dirtier, tattooed, and American. Either way…

Just thought I’d share in case you’re in need of something new to listen to (I never seek out new music, thank goodness I have Dan to help out, even though he usually shares Euro techno pop…ugh).

Also had the difficult decision on either catching up on old X-Files (almost finished re-watching Season 2), or watching Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, which we showed at The Moxie awhile back, to positive customer reviews.

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

I chose the documentary. It was ok. Glad I watched, but probably should have napped instead. I mean, if I had 1.5 hours of free time…

And as for TV, Dan and I are watching Parks and Recreation (hilarious), The Office (which has gotten kind of glum), Project Runway (love Tim Gunn), and Modern Family (love it…I’m sadly starting to identify our family as Phil and Claire Dunphee). We also just finished Louie, which is vulgar, bizarre, and hilarious. At first I hated it, but by the end of the last episode, I’m excited to move on to the next season.

Still having a hard time getting motivated to read. I mean, I haven’t even read celebrity gossip blogs lately! Gasp! It’s so depressing. My list is probably 150 books long, too.

Anything I should add to my queue/library holds/ipod? Always open for suggestions!




6 thoughts on “Pop Culture Catch Up

  1. LyndseyFro says:

    I’m definitely checking out that duo. They sound like my kind of music. Have you listened to the Civil Wars? They are a girl/guy singer/songwriter duo, as well. They were my summer addiction.

    • bethbuz says:

      I’ve been listening to JTE lately, too! A few months back, itunes offered a free download of his cover of The Replacements “Can’t Hardly Wait,” and I was hooked. If you like both Justin Townes and Steve Earle, you might also enjoy the twangly (just made that up) music of Steve’s sister, Stacey Earle.

      I still need to check out the Civil Wars…

      • Nicole says:

        Ooh, I’ll have to look for that song AND check out Stacey Earle! Thanks! (What’s with all the extra Es in their names?)

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