Things I Have Cried at Since September 9th:

(in no particular order)
  • Jasper not wanting to give me a hug
  • Jasper giving me a hug
  • a picture of a college student wearing an MU t-shirt helping clean up Joplin tornado damage (M-I-Z!)
  • Louis CK saying that eventually kids don’t love their mothers
  • Dan asking me if I remember when Jasper danced to Lady Gaga, and how cute that was
  • when Maggie cries
  • when Jasper cries
  • Jasper’s tantrums and hitting his head on the floor repeatedly
  • recovery discomfort
  • a weird panic attack I had where I thought that if I fell asleep, I would never wake up (so guess who didn’t sleep that night)
  • The Office AND Parks & Rec season premiers
  • reminiscing about how awesome my 2-week trip to Washington DC was
  • talking about Jasper’s colic days
  • thinking about the possibility if Maggie has colic
  • thinking Jasper is getting fat, and it’s all my fault
  • the thought of growing old
  • the thought of growing old and having another surgery
  • Bogey growing old
  • Jasper growing old AND GETTING MARRIED
  • our super high utilities bill
  • listening to Mumford & Sons, and while listening, thinking about how Dan said he was sad he didn’t have his ipod on hand for me during my surgery so that I could listen to my favorite music
  • listening to David Gray, and thinking, “I want to be that cute little housewife to give him a steady life” (not that I even know what David Gray looks like or his personality, or if he’s even crush-worthy…)
  • the Parents as Teachers lady sympathizing with me over Jasper’s rough month, but then saying I was doing a good job. Awww.
  • Stepping on my glasses
  • Finally going to the eye clinic, only to find out they were closed, even after calling ahead
  • Dan sending me a text saying I was doing a good job, after I texted him that I hadn’t done chores in dayyyyyysssss
  • Jasper coming up to me, saying HUG, and then giving me one
  • Dan giving me a hug without me asking for one
So, pretty much, anything related to hugs makes me cry these days…but don’t worry, I’m feeling *much* better now. Huzzah!

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