What a Month

The past month has been one of the longest months of my entire life. Luckily, I’ve got to spend these long four weeks with a brand new sweet baby girl! Amazing how one month can feel like its moved at a snail’s pace, and at the same time, our summer heat wave feels like yesterday.

Maggie Jean is quite the little girl. She is an amazing eater and sleeper, loves to snuggle, and is growing like the weeds at our vacant Fremont house. She’s been sleeping in a cradle in our room for the first month, and later this week we might try to make the transition to her crib in her room. It’s going to be much harder for me than her! Some minutes she looks just like the kiddos on her Dad’s side of the family, but then she’ll look like a carbon copy of her big brother, too. I can’t wait to see what she looks like in another month!

Recovery is going well. I think once I hit the 4-week mark, things are starting to feel more back to normal. Not going to lie: there have been a lot of tears. A LOT. It’s a strange emotional rollercoaster, motherhood is, so adding major surgery on top of that isn’t easy. I’m just now starting to stand up a little straighter, the baby weight is all gone (but not the leftover belly flab…attractive!), and I can move around much quicker. Still a little slow going, and I hate that I still can’t lift Jasper, but we’ll get there. Slowly but surely!

I know as parents we’re supposed to enjoy each minute and never hope for our kids to grow up, but I am SO excited that a month has passed and we can start enjoying coos and agoos, smiles and giggles, and a more active mama! Huzzah!



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