Friday Reads: Swamplandia!

Swamplandia! by Karen Russel

No, I have not finished The Mysterious Benedict Society. I had a baby. The only thing I’ve had time to read lately is my Twitter feed. However, Swamplandia! is my book club’s next pick, and I’ve already missed two meetings, so I’m bound and determined not to miss a third.

I’ve read one of Russell’s short stories (“St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves“) and absolutely loved it, so I’m setting my expectations slightly high for her first-time novel.

What are you reading?


3 thoughts on “Friday Reads: Swamplandia!

  1. LyndseyFro says:

    I’m excited about this book too! Right now I’m reading The Annotated Sense and Sensibility, which I LOVE because I’m re-reading one of my favorite Jane Austen novels, and it’s packed with all kinds of extra commentary and context. Yep, I’m nerding out. :)

      • LyndseyFro says:

        It is 700+ pages! It’s a beast, indeed. However, the number is a tad deceiving because while there are is a page of commentary for each page of the novel, that page is not always a full page and there is often a picture included. I like it because as I’m reading I think, “Willoughby rides in a gig? What is that?” and, behold, on the opposite page is a picture of a gig and what riding in a gig during that time indicated about that person. I love it for novels that are any older than a century because that added context adds a lot of meaning for me (and saves me the work of looking it up myself).

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