Change of Plans

New 30-Day Challenge Goal for October:

No frivolous spending.

Why the change? Our utility bill was over $500. Why so high? Because apparently our toilet was left running in our vacant house for weeks. WEEKS! It ran long enough to fill a standard swimming pool FIVE times.

How sick do I feel about this, both economically and ecologically (that sounds like something I just posted…)? Pretty sick. Shame on us for not checking in more often. Poor house.

So, in October, no frivolous spending. That means:

  • no Starbucks
  • no gas-station cappuccinos (but they’re only 99 cents…too bad, can’t have any)
  • no books
  • no late-night Amazon purchases
  • no “but I’ve had a rough week” Etsy purchases
  • no eating out if we have a meal planned at home
  • no tiny splurges for the kids (like they *really* need another Toy Story pajama set)
  • no 20-minute showers (even if I do only take a shower every 3 days…motherhood…)
  • no bottles of wine for Dan each week (he can get Black Box Cabernet, that should last him for a while)
  • yes to more coupons and organized shopping trips
  • yes to conserving energy (now that we’re not in a heat wave and the weather is cooler, this will be MUCH easier)
  • yes to getting our house rented! or sold!
  • yes to using the cloth diapers more to space out disposable diaper purchases

I don’t anticipate this being a difficult challenge, aside from limiting the coffee treats. Ok, and the eating out part. Alright, and maybe the late-night Amazon purchases…sigh. Ok. And the tiny splurges for my babbies.

Wish me luck.


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