Geeky Over Office Supplies

My train of thought:

  1. Ordered baby announcements, so I need to get those mailed out.
  2. I need addresses for all the relatives on Dan’s side of the family.
  3. They need to go in my address book.
  4. But I’m not writing them in pen! Where’s my pencil?
  5. I don’t have ONE SINGLE PENCIL in the entire house??
  6. OK, I’ve had a rough couple of weeks. I’ll order some pencils I’ve been eyeballing on Etsy as both a treat for myself AND a necessity (although a box of Dixon Ticonderogas would be more economical…).
  7. Huzzah! New pencils ordered! I can’t wait to update my address book!

Here are the pencils:

“Write with Moxie Pencils”, found on Etsy or Here

(hmm, aside from the ecological standpoint, I wonder why else I was drawn to these pencils??)


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